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Salutations! My name is Tamarah Butler. I am owner of Art by Tamarah. I am a woman of many talents but painting heart felt memories happen to be my favorite. I paint with memory & many would tell you they felt emotions within the images. “They speak to you” I would describe my art as story tellers. I am also a mother, wife and a inspiration for my community. I hope to continue to inspire and share my art with many.

I made this image for the love & passion I have created with fitness & health. Being athletic is a chore but if you stay consistent & well disciplined it will become a beautiful habit formed with heart. It is definitely not easy but you can’t always have everything given. You have to work hard for what you want. Actions speak louder than words. This image represents “ A still small voice” as I would like to say, hummingbirds are my little messengers. They keep me strong & focused.

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