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“To find out your child/grandchild/sibling is Autistic is hard. Your mind gets pulled in all different directions because you are clueless and you start researching about what Autism is 24/7. I needed to know how to help my child and what could be done. That was me 3.5 years ago. My name is Tanya Talashie-Juan and my 7 year old daughter, Savannah, is Autistic. We were fortunate to get this diagnosis at a young age while still living on the Hopi Indian reservation…it was a long process but worth it. There are a lot of our Indigenous children living on the reservations who are missed or cast aside saying they can’t learn or because of limited resources. Don’t ever give up on your child or the system, fight for them, be their voice, it will be worth it. My daughter is in the Second grade and she went from non verbal to speaking, she loves to read and sing, she loves school and her classmates. She still has many areas of communication she struggles with but with all the resources provided she is flourishing.

We came up with an Autism shirt a few years ago and have started sales on it for the past years, this year we wanted to change up the design and not just the color. So here it is! Proceeds from sales will go towards shirts for her class/teachers here in Albuquerque, NM and to some of her medical costs that are not covered by our insurance. Thank you all very much for your purchase and support.”

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100% Cotton (Softstyle)

Short Sleeve Tee

Next Level Brand

Available in Ice Blue & Heather Columbia Blue


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