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Since Fall 2015, StrongOnes Founder WendiLewis has been presenting to the incoming freshman class of Native American Students at Arizona State University's Student Preparedness Initiative: Readiness Inspired by Tradition (SPIRIT) program. These presentations focus on a young Hopi girl's educational journey from being born and raised on the Hopi reservation, the educational journey she took, to current work and projects that are focused on the benefit of the Hopi people and native communities. Every year the incoming students learn about the effects of personal trauma that many of our native youth experience or are exposed to, and hear her perspective of how she took those experiences and focused on the positive it brought to her life (yes, it is possible). The students engage in a goal-setting activity, share their thoughts and ideas for what they aspire to achieve as they journey into college, and are left with encouragement to "run your own race", emphasizing that we all encounter successes and obstacles differently.

Every year Wendi gifts the ASU SPIRIT a T-shirt that identifies them as a Native Sun Devil, and it was never offered for sale to the public. This year she is opening up the opportunity for you to be a part of the Native Sun Devil movement. For the first time in the 7 years of presentations, you can rock your pride as a Native Sun Devil just like the students. Wendi is a proud ASU Alumni, holding a Bachelors of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Science.
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